Some E Liquid Reviews

E liquid are the basis of e cigarettes in that this is the liquid that is atomized to form the ‘smoke’ and the flavor of the e cigarette. Here are some reviews of various liquids based on user tastes:

The GoodJuice line is made in America and it has a very realistic tobacco flavor, as any of its household offerings have this flavor.

The Vaporetti V-Drops performed exceptionally well and produced a good amount of vapor and had a very good throat hit (Nicotine). To describe this liquid you can use two words – creamy and smooth.

Cool Mist offers a menthol flavor of the smoothest variety. Most menthols have a bit of a harshness, but not this one.

Midnight Apple and Captain Jack from Halo are winners, but all flavors from Halo are true and exceptionally good.

Simply E-liquid is a real winner as it comes out as a fruit laced tobacco flavor. The best comparison I could give would be akin to Juicy Fruit Gum, as it is a mild tobacco taste with a fruitiness taste.

Nashville’s Professor’s Master Blend is a tobacco blend that gives a hefty tobacco feel, and if you want a quality tobacco taste, this is the one for you.